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#24 Halloween Special: The Scariest Movies of Our Lives The Block Busters Podcast

We decided to celebrate Halloween Season with our personal list of films that left us scared, scarred and terrified. So if you want to learn what gave Rado nightmares in the childhood or during what movie Conor almost choked on Skittles, you need listen to this NOW!Please be aware, this episode was haunted by the mean spirit of connectivity and we kid you not, few times really weird stuff happened on the line between us. It was not a setup! 00:00 The difference between horror and halloween movie explained10:30 How did we compile our lists?Top 10 scary films of our lives:19:35 Rado’s choice #1 – watch it here along with Conor 27:50 Conor’s choice #136:45 Rado’s choice #244:35 Conor’s choice #255:05 Rado’s choice #31:00:00 Conor’s choice #31:07:10 Rado’s choice #41:11:00 Conor’s choice #41:18:20 Rado’s choice #51:23:45 Conor’s choice #5Find the list of those movies on Letterboxd. Thank you for listening. Subscribe, rate and comment on our show. Please also recommend our rants to your friends and enemies. They all deserve it! You can find us online on Twitter: @BlockBusterspod, @rdfolta and @designconor.You can find us on Letterboxd: TheBlockBusters, radox and CNRBYL Our theme music is by Scott Holmes and you can find more of his work at scottholmesmusic.com. Our podcast is available on the following platforms:Apple PodcastsOvercastSpotifyGoogle PodcastsCastboxPocket CastsAmazon Music  
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